Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Homeschool at it's finest

Today is day two of our home school year. The kiddos are doing quite well. Here's what we have done.

Little Miss
We worked on numbers 0,8,6 and 9 using Cursive First program. Yesterday I only had her doing the salt box to write things but she wanted much more today. We went over proper sitting position for writing, how to slant the paper and hold it, how to hold the pencil using her Stetro Pencil Grip and then we started practicing. First we used the clock face to trace the number, then on to the salt box so she could see what she was doing. Then to get her started writing we used the white board with a pink marker and she still wanted more. So we pulled out the paper and pencil. She did quite well in using the salt box and on most of the numbers with pencil and paper. She had a little trouble with the number 8 when she didn't have a guide to use and she wouldn't slow down and listen to direction. Rather than push it today, we'll review it again tomorrow and every day from now on. We did some reading together and she helped me make lunch. I am surprised by how well she is picking up all of this stuff.

Princess Shy
Is still working on her school work. Today is moving along much slower than yesterday for her. I think she's tired though so I have to let her move at her own pace. Having her do the Cursive First with us in the morning is already improving her numbers writing in math. Her history was moving too slow so we moved her up a grade level and she is finding it much more challenging. She's working in Saxon Math, Heritage Studies History, Bob Jones University Press Science, Easy Grammar, Daily Grams, Bible and Spell to Write and Read.
This afternoon she'll be helping me to peel apples and we'll be making and canning some apple butter. She actually loves doing this so I'll let her put her own recipe together for an applesauce too and we'll can a couple jars of that too.

Is already done with his school work today. He is loving this year...okay, loving was a strong word. But he isn't minding school so much this year. He's using Saxon Math, Heritage Studies Geography, Apologia Science Physical Science, Easy Grammar, Daily Grams and the Spell to Write and Read. He does his work and moves on to things that really interest him.

This afternoon he is working on a logo for his business, Awesome Filming. He has a video that he's working on for a friend and is enjoying that. He takes video, pictures and music to create a video/DVD for people. He does excellent work and is learning a lot about editing video, pictures and laying down music tracks on the computer. When he has his web site up, I'll share the site with you all.

Mr. Easy Going
Is working with Dad today. He has been working full time all summer and really enjoys learning how to weld, use all the equipment and run the business. He'll be doing school work in the evenings after dinner. He decided that he would take this year off of college and continue to home school. We are looking for an investment mentor for him to learn from since this is a strong area of interest for him this year too.

This evening he will probably unpack some of his pickup parts and get that organized. He's going to be taking apart his 89 Corvette and using the parts to build his 63 Chevy Pickup.

That's our second day of school. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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