Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our first week in home school

This is the last day of our home school week. We typically only do "school" on Tuesday thru Thursday. Monday's are for personal exploration, typically the child's gift and Friday's are for play, catch up and individual time. I guess you could say that we unschool on Monday's and Friday's. This has worked very well for us the last couple of years.

Yesterday we added errands to the list of things to do, including going grocery shopping. It was a great education for all of us and a huge drain on the pocketbook. We are blessed to be able to buy groceries in such large quantities. We do know there are many out there that are going hungry. We try to find families to help along the way so we'll keep our eye out for a family to bless this winter.

Our first week went well. It's been busy but we're enjoying the routine of a schedule again.

Designer has stayed up with the higher standards this year and not been quite so resistant to all the learning. I think he is starting to grow up some too. He is really working a lot on his skills that he'll take into his adult life. We're really enjoying the videos and conversations.

Princess Shy is loving her horse riding lessons. She's doing quite well in her school work too. We're at a review phase but she's moving along quickly. It just seems that everything just clicks for her this year.

Little Miss has learned all of her primary numbers and how to write them. She is LOVING school this year. In fact, she keeps pestering me in the morning until I get it together and teach her. Once she learns to read I'm sure she won't wait for me anymore. She has such an appetite for knowledge. We're enjoying our time together too.

Mr. Easy Going has most of his school work done for the week. He'll finish it tomorrow. He's enjoying working in Dad's welding business more than the school work though. He will be doing his welding certification soon. He's ready but Dad would like to see him practice a bit more. It will be a huge help in the business too since Dad let his certification lapse in this area.

Tomorrow and Saturday I go for training using Spell to Write and Read. I'm really looking forward to meeting Wanda Sanseri and learning from her. We love the program so far too.

Saturday the kids and Dad are going to help grandpa with a dome raising. For those of you that aren't aware, a dome home is a home that is shaped like a dome. They are really neat and a bit different. They're building it in the hills of Silverton so it will blend into the surroundings quite well. I can't wait to see it all up. Anyway, most of the family will be there Saturday to build the shell of the dome.

I hope that you all have a great weekend. See you next week.

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