Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Homeschool - Week Three

Last week came and went without me. Actually, it was just really busy.

Mr. Easy Going did photos for a wedding this last weekend and will be uploading them. He's been practicing welding to get ready for the test will likely do that in the next week or so to become certified. It is really nice that he is so helpful in the business. He's now learning the other end of things like bidding and billing. There's a lot to learn in business. He's staying up with school work in the process too.

This is a little one at the wedding. Mr. Easy Going is getting good at his photos.

Designer video taped a dome raising. That's a geodesic dome house out shell being put together by a group of people. He took photos too. Then this last weekend he video taped a wedding. During all this he kept up on school work and this week will be spending all his extra time editing video and burning them to DVDs. He's really enjoying this work. I'll upload video when he gets them together.

Princess Shy is keeping up with school work and going to all the events in our lives too. She does great with taking care of everyone during these events. She took care of Little Miss and Caesar, our boxer during the dome raising and she took care of the maid of honor's one year old baby during the wedding and the gift table. She's really enjoying horse riding lessons too.

Princess Shy on Tino

Little Miss is loving school work. She bugs me every morning until I give in and do school work with her. It's not that I'm not teaching her, it's her insatiable appetite for knowledge. I just am having trouble keeping up with her. She has learned all of her numbers 0-12 and how to write them. She has learned the sounds of A and C and how to write them in cursive. It is amazing how well she is doing.

As you can tell, it has been crazy with events in our life. I'm really praying that it slows down so we can just do school.

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