Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday's and Monday's are official unschool days

We have decided to do book work three days a week and unschool the other 4 days a week. The kids say the other two days but they learn on the weekend too.

Today we went to the college to get a parking permit for Mr. Easy Going. He starts classes on Monday. While we were there we decided to find all his classes. He doesn't want to admit it but he is a bit nervous. I think being able to find all his classes will help that a bit. I'm excited for him but will miss him during the day too.

Then we went to home school swim in Stayton. We had a blast. There were 9 kids there today. The lifeguard took the older kids to the deep end and took the rope down for them to swing into the pool. The older teen boys were challenged to climb the rope and drop into the water below. It was really high up there but the boys had a blast. I had to laugh because when we left the lifeguard said he was going to see if he could work every Friday because he had so much fun with the kids.

Little Miss and Princess Shy actually went down the water slide all by themselves today. The first time I put Little Miss on my lap and went down the slide with her. She loves that thing. So, she asked if I would stay at the bottom and catch her so she could go on her own. I wish I could have had the camera to see her face. She was so excited, happy and scared all in one look.

Princess Shy only went down once. We barely talked her into it at the last 10 minutes of time. She is my child that will NEVER try anything daring. She is very sensible and QUITE reserved. This was a huge thing for her. She's not a risk taker by any means. She enjoyed it but I'm not sure she would have done it again even if there was time. She is becoming a much better swimmer too.

Designer went to stay the night with a friend tonight. He designs characters and his friend loves to take pictures and piece them together to make movies. It will be fun to see what they come up with. I'd love for Designer to narrate one of the movies they do. Maybe I'll get them to upload one to You Tube some time soon.

Now we're all exhausted and ready to eat and drop in front of a TV. I wonder if there are any decent movies out?...

You all have a wonderful weekend.

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